Friday, May 21, 2010


So, there was another earthquake in Costa Rica, on thursday may 20th. It was a 6.1, which is pretty strong but nothing happened, thanks God. In Costa Rica, comments went from: "What the fuuuuuck!" to "its just an earthquake". We Costa Ricans are very used to earthquakes. Foreigners find it very weird and when an earthquake happens, you can easily spot whos a native and whos a foreigner (TIP: foreigners are the ones running around hopelessly, waving their arms and stuff). We costaricans are so used to earthquakes, the moment a really big one happens, we'll be screwed, no ones gonna run for safety or anything. Luckily, being so used to earthquakes, all buildings are earthquake resistant. This means they wont fall as easily as other buildings. Probably thats why nothing happened this thursday and people were just like: "oh, its just another 6.1 earthquake..."

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